Our ever growing team of skilled guides are keen on building cheerful and self-reliant communities across villages of the Leh and Kargil districts, resulting in staying culturally strong and reduce migration.


We impart knowledge and build awareness about jobs available in the adventure tourism industry prevalent in Ladakh through connecting with government schools. We offer specialized structured single day Introductory Climbing Training Programs to the young trainees at nearby Rock climbing areas. The training programs are handled with utmost caution and care and the ratio between instructor and number of trainees has been carefully planned. Trainings are conducted in batches of 30 and all gear is provided by us. Promising and interested candidates can further join more detailed training programs. We are looking forward to introduce multi day training programs, which would also be covering awareness about the flora and fauna, Leave No Trace Policy amongst other activities like technical climbing and caring for your gear.


Our guides need more experience too and as they say, one can never over train for mountaineering, we have started climbs to virgin peaks which have been cleared for climbing by the Army in Ladakh and IMF. This not only boosts the guides experience and confidence but also helps in opening a new season for inflow of more tourist. We are also introducing winter expeditions which can be looked upon as training for guides going on 7500m plus Himalayan expeditions in India and Nepal.

These collaborated expeditions would not only build a healthier guide community but also help in spreading awareness about gainful jobs in this industry across the many isolated villages in Ladakh.

Our guides are look forward to exploring new trekking trails across various regions.

Above all, staying connected with International Mountaineering organizations so we can train our team for best practices and means of search and rescue during expeditions as currently despite the capabilities this area of work is still in dark due to certain limitations.


Let’s add to all that working towards cleaner Himalayas and spreading awareness on eco-friendly climbing and trekking and awareness against animal poaching to maintain this fragile eco system for years to come.


So far LMGA has rolled out single day training programs to two different batches of 30 trainees each imparting rock-climbing knowledge in detail and the opportunity to put the knowledge in practice. The results have been very promising and the trainees are eagerly waiting to come back for more training having understood the various opportunities they have for employment locally in the adventure tourism industry.

A virgin peak was also climbed in Alpine style in December 2018 at lightning speed by the core team, which has influenced many other Ladakh mountain guides to go on more exploratory climbs in Ladakh Himalayas thereby opening avenues for more jobs.

We look forward to fill the current gap of approximate shortage of 300 guides during the peak climbing and trekking season in Ladakh soon. Though the Ladakh culture is open to working with guides from other parts of India and Nepal, once this gap is filled it definitely reduces the growing migration trends.

Training more girls has also given a sense of being financially independant to those who attended the training and has been looked at very enthusiastically.