About Lmga


The Ladakh Mountain Guide Association is a non-profit organization situated in the region of Ladakh operating under the official registration of the Union Territory (UT) of Ladakh government with the registration number UTL-43/2021. The association is dedicated to promoting safe and responsible mountaineering and trekking in the region as well as to supporting the professional development of its members. Mission To inspire and support a Local Mountain Guide in Ladakh.


  • Help Guides Improve: The association wants guides to get better at their jobs through training and learning new things.
  • Keep Everyone Safe: They make sure guides and tourists know how to stay safe in the mountains and work with others to have plans for emergencies.
  • Protect the Environment: They want tourism to be good for the mountains and not hurt them, so they teach people how to visit without causing damage and work to keep the area clean and healthy.
Mountain Guide Community Services
Organization Size
19 Registered Mountain Guide / 31 Trekking Guide
Leh, UT Ladakh
Mountain Rescue, Rope Fixing,  Mountain Guide, Ice Climbers, mAvalanche Rescue, Ice Rescue, Rock Climbers, Trek Leader and Outdoor Adventure

Locations (Main Office)

Ladakh Mountain Guide Association, Opp Moti Market, Near ITBF Gate, First Floor, Leh, UT Ladakh 194101, IN