We are dedicated to promoting safe and exhilarating mountain experiences in the Ladakh. For registered members who may lack proper equipment for activities like Ice climbing or Rock climbing, LMGA provides a comprehensive selection of gear available for rent.

Our equipment inventory includes essentials such as:

S.No Items Stocks Stocks
1. Dynamic Rope 3 Pcs INR 10
2. Harness 10 Pcs INR 10
3. Helmets 10 Pcs INR 10
4. PA Shoes 5 Pcs INR 10
5. Carbineers 20 Pcs INR 5
6. Quick Draw 20 Pcs INR 5
7. Gri-Gri 3 Pcs INR 10
8. Belay Device 5 Pcs INR 10

Important Note :

  1. The Above Price based on Per Equipment on per day Basis.
  2. The Equipment only rented for Ladakh Mountain Guide Association , Affiliated Members
  3. The Price is based for affordable for the Members and it’s used for Maintenance of Equipment.
  4. Members can rent gear for up to 10 days with the option to reissue equipment at the LMGA office for additional days as needed.
  5. The Equipment only uses for personal uses not for commercial purpose.
  6. If any members need a Equipment, You’ll hire from LMGA Office in Leh
Thrill of mountaineering in Ladakh with LMGA, where safety and adventure go hand in hand.