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LMGA guides can take you on many fun adventures! Here you’ll find an index of our current guides.
Guides who have been given life membership for their contributions to the LMGA.

Mountain Guide

Skalzang Rigzin
Mountain Guide | LMGA/MG002
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Tsewang Namgyal
Mountain Guide | LMGA/MG001
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Jigmet Wangchuk
Mountain Guide | LMGA/MG003
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Rigzin Tsewang
Mountain Guide | LMGA/MG004
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Mohd Ali
Mountain Guide | LMGA/MG005
Tsewang Gyalson
Mountain Guide | LMGA/MG014
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Rigzin Angdu
Mountain Guide | LMGA/MG008
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Sonam Yangjor
Mountain Guide | LMGA/MG012
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Stanzin Norboo
Mountain Guide | LMGA/MG007
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Tsewang Tundup
Mountain Guide | LMGA/MG009
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Dorjee Tondup
Mountain Guide | LMGA/MG006
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Stanzin Norboo
Mountain Guide | LMGA/MG016
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Stanzin Wangial
Mountain Guide | LMGA/MG013
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Jigmet Stanzin
Mountain Guide | LMGA/MG020
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Jigmet Tharchin
Mountain Guide | LMGA/MG017
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Urgyan Kalden
Mountain Guide | LMGA/MG019
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Tsetan Dolma
Mountain Guide | LMGA/MG018
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Trekking Guide

Tsewang Gyalson
Jigmet Tender
Tundup Gyaltsan